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Indoor lighting How to choose lighting


    Led technology is developing rapidly, with wide application fields, strong industrial driving force and great potential for energy saving. It meets the requirements of low carbon and ecological economy and the development trend of new modern industries. It is recognized by all countries as the most promising high-efficiency lighting industry. But what is good for household led energy-saving lamps? Home decoration, I heard that the LED energy-saving lamps are energy-saving and durable, I want to buy some LED energy-saving lamps for home, which is better? The reporter interviewed with such questions, Liu Zong, sales director of CPL lamp cup, the manufacturer of LED indoor lighting LED lamp. 

    General Liu gave us a detailed introduction to how consumers should buy home LED lighting. Household led energy-saving lamps, currently led lamp cups (living room auxiliary light source 3w enough), led downlights (about 3 inches 3w aisle, 4 inches 6w or so, 6 inches 12w or so), in general, led is a kind of energy-saving lamps It is the same lighting effect that half of the ordinary energy-saving lamps can use the same amount of electricity. Second, the life theory can reach 50,000 hours. Generally speaking, 20,000 hours is not a problem. The family can be used for several years. The theoretical life of the CPL lamp cup is even more than 50,000 hours. Third, the led light belongs to the low-voltage DC power supply, there is no stroboscopic, and it will not flash; Fourth, it belongs to the solid cold light source, and does not attract mosquitoes in summer. Household led energy-saving lamps are the trend of lighting decoration in the future. When I renovated the house, I ran several stores and found no suitable price. Later, I found a store on the Internet that was not bad. The price was more favorable, and I was still engaged in promotion, than the physical store. It's a lot cheaper, after all, the online store operating costs are low.

    The primary considerations for household led lights should be the following: 1. To avoid glare and glare, it is not possible to see the LED directly. 2. To consider the color temperature problem, especially as a reading lamp or night light in the bedroom, a 2700k low color temperature led should be used. 3. Pay attention to whether the emi of the led lamp will interfere with other sensitive wireless household electric appliances such as TV sets (export to the United States must comply with the fcc-class b standard). 4. To solve the problem of continuous dimming, because households often need dimming. 5. Consider the appearance of the luminaire in accordance with the aesthetic criteria.

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