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Compared with LED lamps, which one is more energy efficient?

Power saving has always been a topic we cannot do in our daily life. From a young age, we can save a lot of electricity bills by saving electricity. After all, the electricity bill is not cheap now. Saving energy for the society is a contribution we make to the cause of environmental protection. In the past, all households in our households used incandescent lamps, which were not only not bright enough, but also consume a lot of energy. Later, more energy-saving LED lights and energy-saving lamps appeared, which had high brightness and low energy consumption. Which LED light is more energy efficient than the energy saving lamp? Make it clear, don't buy it again later!
The Chinese name of the LED lamp is called a light-emitting diode bulb. Its principle is to use a light-emitting diode as a luminescent material. Basically, only a very weak electric energy is required to make it emit strong light. In general, LED lamps emit the same amount of light intensity as ordinary incandescent lamps, requiring only one-tenth or less of the energy of incandescent lamps. The energy-saving intensity is still considerable.
The energy-saving lamp is a kind of lighting device that combines fluorescent lamps and ballasts. The lighting of such lamps is realized by fluorescence, and its essence is not much different from the original incandescent lamps. However, because of the aid of fluorescence, the energy-saving lamp emits the same amount of light as an ordinary incandescent lamp, which requires only one-fifth to one-quarter of the energy of an incandescent lamp. Compared with incandescent lamps, it is indeed more energy efficient, so people called it a kind of energy saving lamp at that time! From the above data analysis, LED lights are obviously more energy efficient than energy-saving lamps. But as our household lighting, power saving alone can't explain the problem, we have to consider its service life! After all, if the service life of the luminaire is relatively short, then energy saving, the cost of purchasing the luminaire is too large, this is not very cost-effective! After the test of the service life of the lamp, it is concluded that the life of the energy-saving lamp averages about 10,000 hours, which is still very long. But the life of LED lights is longer, basically reaching 100,000 hours! It is also worth mentioning that because the energy-saving lamps contain heavy metals such as “mercury”, they are not suitable for recycling. In general, LED lights are one of the most environmentally friendly lamps.

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